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I coach real estate agents to list and sell homes in a way that’s enjoyable, relaxed and stress-free. They achieve an extra $25,000 to $50,000 or more per sale and as a result are able to negotiate higher commissions and receive more referrals.

Real Estate used to be your passion, now it’s your worst nightmare…

Not so long ago you couldn’t wait to get to work, now you can’t wait to get home.

Do you find it difficult or near impossible to convert a high percentage of your listing presentations into becoming clients?

Are your competitors listing the properties at high prices,then many weeks or months later you watch the price reductions, all the way down to what you originally advised the vendors?

How does this make you feel? Annoyed, angry and frustrated?

Let me tell you something. It doesn’t have to be like this. Wouldn’t it make you feel incredibly proud of yourself to find a way to turn this around and get the old you back again?

Clear the cobwebs, maybe go and wash your car…

Can I make a suggestion? When I need to clear my mind of clutter I get outside go for a walk, mow the lawn or wash the car. Just do something different and ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve? Try and imagine how you will feel in finding a solution to your problem.

Maybe this could be for you…

You see, I coach Real Estate Agents & salespeople to differentiate their services with a mindset that makes the listing of homes enjoyable, relaxed and stress free. I give them a plan of action.

They learn how to attract like-minded clients and achieve an extra $25,000-$50,000 or more for their vendor client’s within days of listing the property for sale, earning themselves a much higher commission and referrals.

If all this looks, sounds or feels  ‘just like you’ then  Claim Your Free Strategy Session Now and we’ll get the ball rolling.

How I work with you…

I Coach Real Estate Agents to demonstrate to their Vendor Clients how they can achieve an extra $25,000 to $50,000 or more for their Property than any competitor is able.

What is your major frustration?  How long have you been considering engaging a coach to further your career ?

Most of the time we will be exchanging emails plus a  couple of hours each week is set aside for clients to be contacted by appointment via Skype.

Imagine doing things in a way that differentiate you from your competitors. You will get more leads, list more homes for sale and be staggered as to how quickly they sell.

Let’s get the ball rolling, Claim Your Free Strategy Session Now to get yourself on my list of people that are ‘just like you’.

I’ll be in touch with you soon.


Bill O’Mara

Success Stories

Radio Announcer: Sally Dyke can you tell me first of all, from your experience, what the biggest problem was in the past trying to find the right agent for a home?

Sally: Well I think you’ll find that, just going around a lot of these exhibitions and things, that the agent was just keen on having a quick sale.

Radio Announcer: So in your particular case, how did Bill help you out?

Sally: I met Bill at an exhibition at one stage and told him what I was looking for, and he sold a house to us in Rivett and two years later which was a year ago now, we decided it was time to upgrade again, so I wanted to go back through Bill and, …


he spent a lot of time working out the ads with us, we had quite a big ad in the Canberra Times, and it really made out how warm and sunny the house was which was good for the middle of winter, and we had a weekend exhibition, one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday, and we actually sold the house on a Sunday, so we only had one weekend of have the house ready and I was really most impressed.

Radio Announcer: And what about the price, was it close to the price you wanted?

Sally: The price that was advertised we got. Bill said to us “$150,000 is a fair price especially for this area” we were happy with that and that’s the price it sold for.

Radio Announcer: Right, you mentioned that there was obviously that one ad that appeared, you had the weekend inspections, how many actually came in response to that ad?

Sally: I think that over that weekend, we had between 30 and 40 people and actually on the Sunday it was even raining during the exhibition, but the house was sold so I was really pleased with that.

Radio Announcer: So you think that the style of Bill’s ads makes a big difference?

Sally: Oh definitely, I mean every time you go through the Canberra Times, Bill’s ads always really stand out and I always take note of reading them because they’re always enjoyable to read anyway.

Radio Announcer: Exactly, exactly. Would you use anybody else to sell a home after the experience you’ve had with Bill?

Sally: No I’ll definitely always go back to Bill and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

~ Interview with Sally Dyke

Radio Announcer: What’s the biggest problem as a homeowner you’ve experienced in selecting an agent?

Steve: Well, knowing if they have a real track record and whether or not you can really trust that track record

Radio Announcer: How did you first meet Bill?

Steve: Well I first met Bill, we had an extension built in Canberra, and the person that built our extension was part of group called the ‘Results Corporation’ which was okay, and we asked the person that built our extension to recommend a couple of people to sell our home and the two he recommended we interviewed and got some references and that’s how we met Bill and how we chose Bill …


Radio Announcer: So in making that decision what was the difference between Bill and the other agents that you would have had to deal with?

Steve: Bill, you just felt like you could trust Bill, and that he sold houses all over Canberra

Radio Announcer: And your house was in Hackett?

Steve: That’s correct yes

Radio Announcer: And basically, can you tell me what the experience was, the price was listed and I understand sold at $240,000 on the first exhibition

Steve: That’s right. Bill said, well that’s what we thought it was worth and we asked the expert “well you’re the expert what do you think it’s worth?” and he said, ”$240,000” and we said “well that’s fine, if you say its $240,000 how quick can you sell it because we planning on moving from Canberra” and he said, “I believe I can sell it quite quickly, it’s just that sort of house” and we said “well that’s great how do intend on doing it?” and then he explained on how he intended on doing it with his particular targeted ad and his particular targeted exhibition weekend. That particular weekend we happened to be going to down to Melbourne to have a look around and it was very much in Bill’s hands. We didn’t worry about a thing and we got back on the Sunday with a message saying “I got a buyer, it’s looking good, speak to you on Monday”. And when he called us on Monday, he gave us the good news saying “I reckon it’s going to be a goer” and by Wednesday it was done.

Radio Announcer: So you couldn’t have a more hassle free sale of a house could you?

Steve: I don’t think so, unless someone actually walked up to you, walked up to your home and said “$240,000” I don’t believe it could actually be any simpler than that.

Radio Announcer: Right, it’s obviously a unique style of advertising, you think that makes a difference?

Steve: Absolutely, there’s no doubt about that. You’ll find that going through any real-estate pages, well we found this in Canberra, that a majority of the real-estate agents take advertising spaces as basically listings, just a list of things. Bill was taking us a different type of space but to basically describe a product he had to sell that weekend. And it’s just a shame that Bill’s sort of style of working isn’t available in other cities, because my parents are wanting to move to Melbourne and are having all sorts of trouble selling their home in Sydney, through one of the national agencies or basically cannot get it right.

Radio Announcer: Well don’t say that, Bill might move to Sydney

Steve: We already talked about that, I don’t think he would at this point in time. But actually that style of working is required. I think it’s called “product differentiation”. Bill’s product is completely different to anybody else’s in the market and for us it worked.

Radio Announcer: And so you’re completely happy?

Steve: Absolutely. Well it was all done very, very smoothly. We found him a delight to work with and very unobtrusive and the whole thing just worked.

~ Interview with Steve Bowditch

Radio Announcer: From past experience Geoff, what do you think has been the biggest problem you’ve had or anyone you know has had in selecting an agent?

Geoff: That’s, a real good question, I think the biggest problem is that when you come to sell a house, you just don’t know what to look for in an agent. So you tend just to go off and find someone, someone you know or pick a name and then it’s a matter of finding someone you can trust.

Radio Announcer: Well in your case, how did you meet up with Bill O’Mara?

Geoff: Actually, I met him through a friend who had a house sold through Bill …


and it was just coincident, this was a few years ago and at the time, we were trying to sell our house and it was all just through a sort of mutual friend.

Radio Announcer: As I understand it, your house had been on the market for something like four months with another agent before you ran into Bill, how did things change from that time on? …

Geoff: Well in fact what happened was we put the house on the market in August. We tried to get out of the contract in about December, I think it was, when it was obvious no one was coming through and we kept getting the story of market visits and in fact the tactic was over price the house and just keep reducing it.

When I met Bill, he came around actually and gave me a quote on what he believed the house was worth and what it would really sell for. But interesting thing was just before we had nearly finished with the other agent I said “If I can sell house what do I really have to drop the price to?” and it was about what Bill had told me about a month or so earlier.

We then got to a stage where it was too late to sell the house and do what we’d originally planned because there was a chance we were going to leave Canberra in a year or so and Bill basically said “look, when you’re ready give us a call.” And there were a few times when I called him and had to change the arrangement and on each occasion he was understanding, no pressure and he was really there whenever we needed him.

Radio Announcer: One of the highlights of Bill O’Mara’s advertising is his style. In your case it was “Famous unknown golfer selling four bedroom house for just $138,000”. Do you think that made a big difference in your case?

Geoff: Oh I think it made all the difference. I think you have to have something that attracts attention. I might add I took a bit of stick over that for a while but no, I think it helped tremendously. You’ve got to have something that attracts attention, a lot of houses on the market, so I think it was a combination of the ad, that sort of headline and having a realistic price.

Radio Announcer: You think all of those combined helped to get the best possible price in the shortest possible time?

Geoff: Oh most certainly, I mean we went nearly six months trying to sell a house before and with Bill it sold that first weekend.

Radio Announcer: So it took only the one ad?

Geoff: Yeah one advertisement. It went on the market on the Saturday and it basically sold on Sunday.

Radio Announcer: And any idea how many people came to look at it from that one ad?

Geoff: I think it was, from memory, around 20. Which was a lot better than the five or six we’d been getting. In fact we’d been getting none on the previous occasion and five or six the first weekend it was open. So it was a significant number and I think it was the ad that got it there.

Radio Announcer: And having said that, if would you run into someone who was selling a house, who would you recommend?

Geoff: Well if they were buying a house?

Radio Announcer: Buying, selling, whatever.

Geoff: In fact that’s interesting, what Bill does, he sets a realistic price that is what people will pay. So I think for a buyer or a seller, if I was coming back to Canberra in four or five years time, I would go and look Bill up, knowing that whatever he’s got up for sale is realistically priced and I don’t have to bargain and I’m not going to be ripped off.

Radio Announcer: It obviously important isn’t it, as a seller to know that even from the buyers’ point of view that everyone is getting the best possible deal.

Geoff: Yeah well we were under no illusions as to the value of the house and in fact when we discussed it with Bill he said “Yes, maybe we could put it on the market for a couple of thousand more”. But if I left it up to him, he would market it at $138,000 because that’s what he believes to be a realistic price and I guess my faith in the man said, Bill just will leave it up to you but on the other side of it, anyone coming in knew that they were getting a house that was valued at $138,000 realistically.

~ Geoff Lydeamore

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I coach Real Estate Agents to differentiate their services with a mindset that makes the listing of homes enjoyable, relaxed and stress free.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching the many facets of Real Estate whether it be lead generation, listing presentations, editorial advertising, or open houses. Negotiating the correct price to market the property and achieving a sale price at the listed price. In the end, this results in an extra $25,000 to $50,000 or more per sale and many more referrals in the future.

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